Process of Registration of trademark

The process of registration of trademark begins with filing a trademark application . Once the application is filed an official filing date and number is issued by the trademark registry. After this the application is then examined by the trade marks office as to the existence of any similar trademark already registered or pending registration. If a trademark which is similar to the trademark already filed and other objections which can be taken is noticed by the trade office , the same is intimated to the applicant . After this intimation the application can overcome the objection by filing a written reply to such objection and presenting before the registrar where his application is posted evidence in his support to prove that his trademark is genuine and unique and bears no resemblance to the trademark already existing .

If after considering the reply filed by the applicant and evidence on record the registar allows the trademark application a letter of acceptance is issued. After this if no objections are received for 4 months after the publication in the trademark journal, a trademark registration certificate is issued.

The process of registration is a very lengthy process and it takes around 18-24 months to obtain registration in cases where there are no objections

The priority in a trade mark application starts from the date of filing the trademark application and issuance of application number in this regard .

The trademark registration once sought is valid for a period of 10 years from the date of application. The registration once done can then be renewed after a period of 10 years by paying the appropriate renewal fees.

The process of registration can be summarized in a flowchart form . Download Trademark Registration Process – flowchart.