Real Estate

S S Global Law Firm has an expertise in the real estate practice. The real estate team is a team of lawyers and property specialists who help the clients in investing, financing, sale, purchase and lease of real estate. The real estate team at SS Global Law Firm has proficiency in handling issues related to ownership of land, acquisition of land, investment in real estate, FDI Investment in real estate. The real estate team is competent to handle the following:

  1. Advising sale, purchase, renting of real estate
  2.  Drafting, vetting and negotiating property documents for sale, mortgage, lease, licence, power of attorney, construction contracts etc.
  3. Conducting a due diligence on behalf of builders and Developers. The due diligence includes conducting title search,  conducting an encumbrance check, obtaining land records from land revenue authorities , reviewing the property and  preparation of title verification report
  4. Advising regarding registration of property documents
  5. Advising and handling legal aspects of loan against property and mortgage.
  6. Litigation and legal advice regarding real estate

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